How DaVinci Works


Translate To Low-Level Commands

DaVinci uses low-level Matlab graphics commands to draw mid-level shapes.

For example, to draw a double arrow a user might issue the following command:

h = davinci( 'arrow', 'X',             [0 10], ...
                      'Y',             [0  0], ...
                      'ArrowType',   'double', ...
                      'Head.Length',        3, ...
                      'Head.Width',         2, ...
                      'Head.Sweep',         1, ...
                      'EdgeColor',        'r', ...
                      'LineWidth',          2 );

Internally, DaVinci issues three low-level Matlab commands to draw the arrow (one for the shaft and one for each of the two arrow heads):

h.shaft = plot( [3 7], [0 0], 'Color', 'k', 'LineWidth', 2 );
h.head_1 = patch( 'XData', [3 4  0 4], 'YData', [0 -1 0  1], 'EdgeColor', 'r', 'FaceColor', 'k', 'LineWidth', 2 );
h.head_2 = patch( 'XData', [7 6 10 6], 'YData', [0  1 0 -1], 'EdgeColor', 'r', 'FaceColor', 'k', 'LineWidth', 2 );


Internal Syntax

DaVinci always uses the following syntax to call Matlab's built-in patch() and plot() graphics functions, unless stated otherwise. See the Matlab documentation for an explanation of the syntax. DaVinci does not define the order in which the 'PropertyName',propertyvalue pairs are included in DaVinci's calls to patch() and plot().

Matlab line objects are created with this command:

this_h = plot(X,Y,'PropertyName',propertyvalue...)

Matlab patch objects are created with this command:

this_h = patch('XData',X,'YData',Y,'PropertyName',propertyvalue...)


DaVinci adheres to the standard Matlab behavior for creating and updating drawings.


DaVinci sometimes makes some of its data available to external Matlab programs by attaching the data (via Matlab's setappdata() command) to the relevant axes object. (Currently this functionality is available only with DaVinci's optical_layout component.) This affects as follows how DaVinci prepares the Matlab axes object when a drawing is going to be made.

hold on / hold off

DaVinci provides sensible management of the hold state of the Matlab axes object.

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